Yellow Cheeses

  • Vegan Brie

    by AdasKitchenLB

    Nothing tastes romance like some Ada’s Vegan Brie and bread with wine on the side…
    ~180grs / 12.000LBP

  • No taste is reminiscent of Childhood Times like a Smooth Vegan Cheese Spread, and when that Vegan Cheese Spread is made of nothing but Healthy Ingredients, then it’s surely a win-win situation.
    ~200grs / 12.000LBP

  • Ada’s Vegan Fondue Cheese, is great for a gathering over a Vegan Fondue pot, but also for anything else that requires a meltable Vegan cheese, be it a Toasted Sandwich, Pasta, Pizza or even a plate of Nachos…
    ~220grs / 15.000LBP